Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lucky Us?

If the Reds decided to push the button tomorrow, where would you want to be? Well, if you live in Lewes or Seaford, you might just want to answer with a nod.

According to the official Department of Defense strategic estimates, most of us here in slower lower would fare pretty well in a large-scale nuclear war. And Sussex County would be virtually untouched by any direct nuclear blast effects.

Of course, it probably wouldn't be all fun and games for us down here in chicken country. Anybody who's seen On the Beach knows that if the blast doesn't kill you, the fallout just might. The national map shows almost the entire east coast being affected by the wind-blown nuclear fallout. Here in Delaware, it might not be all bad...we're a pretty "withered sunflower yellow" rather than the less-preferable "roasted ladybug red."

But, even if we survive that, it might not be a permanent recess for us here in the second half of the first state. Anybody who's seen Jericho knows that if the blast and the fallout doesn't kill you, your starving neighbor just might. If we don't start signing some peace treaties now, we might have a world war (county war?) four declared before we even stop talking about the third one. The Downstate Daily will do a full report about the great Battle of Gumboro. It'll be chaos! But, hey, we're all downstaters, right? We can all get along, right?

Sure we can. But...well, I could go on and on with references to post-apocalyptic nightmares from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome to The Postman, but I've pop cultured you enough. Whatever happens in WWIII, we slower lowerers can be assured that we'll probably live long enough to kick back at least one or two more cold ones until the trouble really starts. But for the rest of Delaware...well, it was a blast!

A Shop of Our Own

Apparently we have a store that sells merchandise down in Millsboro. Here's the link.

And, according to their site, we have our own university. I think I'll apply and go get my BPC (Bachelor of Punkin' Chunkin'), or maybe an MST (Master of Scrapple Tossin').

I like that our logo is a turtle...we're slow, but we win the race. Sweet.

(This blog is completely unaffiliated with the store, BTW. I just thought it was a cool place.)

I'm Not Afraid of Needles...Are You?

Every year, we struggle with the ultimate Christmas decision: buy yet another live Christmas tree and struggle to keep up with sap and watering and fallen needles, OR buy a fake tree and deal with the backlash of family and friends who think it's a cop out to have a fake tree.

The truth is, though, that fake trees are getting more and more popular, and it's really not that big of a deal anymore to buy a fake tree. Except for those all-white "retro" trees...dude, the 1950s called, they want their holiday decor back! But with a fake tree you fall into the consumerist trap of feeling like you need a bigger and better fake tree every year. I don't know, but having a fake tree just doesn't appeal to pine aroma, no feeling of genuine Christmas heritage, it just doesn't feel right.

Now, we have some tree-huggers in our family and we definitely feel the pressure to to not "kill a tree" for the sake of decoration for just a few short weeks. I know, I know...those of us in the know understand that Christmas tree farms are mostly sustainable and that these trees are grown just for this purpose, but try arguing that with a 22-year-old hipster cousin who thinks eating honey "exploits bees."

This year we're going to strike a balance between festiveness and being "green" by getting a potted Christmas tree and then planting it in the yard after the season is over. I'm wagering that the tree won't live long from the shock of the change in temperature and being planted in frost-hardened soil, but we'll see how it goes.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone, and stay safe in your crazy shopping travels!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Congratulations Riders!

The Cesar Rodney Riders took the Division I State Football Championship tonight. beating the Sussex Central Golden Knights 26-13. I wasn't there, but the game was a tight one, tied 13-13 until the last quarter.

Great game to both teams, and good luck to all of the football teams next year.

See you next fall!

Quick Tip...

Don't try to beat up the cops...or call them names. Especially when they think you're driving drunk. You get thrown in jail.

Just sayin'...


Tonight was the last night of operation for the Diamond State Drive-In theater in Felton. After nearly sixty years of business, the owners finally figured out that it's 2008 and nobody goes to the drive-in anymore.

But seriously, the owner called it a "shame" that the place went out of business, and I'm sure that we'll all miss the place as an icon of modern American history. But, the truth is that the economy moves innovates and gobbles up anything and anyone who refuses to keep up. With DVDs, Blu-Ray, HDDVD, modern stadium-seating theaters, iPod Video, internet blogs (ahem), and all of the other ways we amuse ourselves these days, there's just no room (or time) for a good old fashioned drive-in movie. That's the harsh reality of capitalism, folks. Whimsy and wonder have no place here in the good US of M.B.A. That is, unless whimsy and wonder get you rich (see Wlliamsburg).

Although I'm sorry to see the place go, I only went there once and I never had planned to go again. It was a novelty, pure and simple. A special little guilty pleasure that the market will no longer sustain. Maybe one day our grandchildren will read about drive-ins and revive a new demand for them...maybe a few might even get some government funding as historic landmarks.

Until then, adieu to you, Diamond State Drive-In.

Congratulations Bucs!

Congratulations to the Milford Buccaneers, who won the Football Division II State Championship last night at Alumni Stadium at Delaware State University in Dover. They shut out the Laurel Bulldogs 20-0 in a great contest.

I was pulling for the under-'Dawgs, but it just wasn't meant to be. Not to downplay Laurel's effort, the Bulldogs sowed off their fantastic rushing and passing games. But they were just not tough enough to get past the huge guys Milford has on their defensive line.

Milford relied solely on its rushing game, which was just good enough to move the ball down the field against Laurel's defense.

Great game, everyone. I hope to see Laurel beef up its game and be back at DSU's stadium again next year for another try.

Friday, November 28, 2008

On Indigestion

My wife told me a couple days ago about a recent episode of Oprah that showcased parts of the world where people lived longer and what their secrets were. She said that the people of Okinawa, Japan, have a proverb that they say before they start a meal that roughly translates to "eat only until you are eighty percent full."

To that, we Americans say "rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub!" We then promptly eat ourselves 180% full, then drift off into restless sleep and feel nasty and bloated the entire next day. If only we Americans had the willpower for limiting our food intake.

They say that caloric restriction is the only surefire way to greater longevity. But what's the fun in that. If I have to choose between Cheesecake and living to a hundred years old, I'll take the Cheesecake. Maybe the the heartburn I have from yesterday will be counter-acted by the heartburn I'll give myself eating leftovers today.

Hello decadence!


I want to say hello and welcome you all to my new blog. I'll try to keep most of my posts about the Kent/Sussex County areas, but I'm sure I'll stray from time to time to talk about politics, society, or whatever crosses my (s)low mind. We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll do 'da cha-cha. I'da cha-cha.

Anyway, I'll try not to be (too) offensive or start any internet fights. This is, after all, serious business. Hehe.

So, I hope you'll stay tuned and support this blog. Have a great holiday and a wonderful weekend!